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Brothers and Sisters Religions were created by people to guide people on old times and people with low knowledge did miss understood it by being enemy to other people with different Religion preferences, which effected people Globally on negative way leading to war death and hate on humanity, please don't relay on Religion

Message to all Believers that are taking religion so serious looking people of different religions as not good as their-self and limiting their Lives , Life is not about Religions everyone is the same everyone has the spirit with them , the difference is that the people who work on their-self  on inside being a better person, they can receive from God, it is about changing in yourself this way you grow in spirit and you will receive  knowledge over your spirit directly From God and thats what makes you a Better person

Religion is just a name with rules created by people, please don't take a ownership of it, Don't relay on it relay on God the creator of the world

People and God are the only way to happiness there is nothing else in between

People believe and pray in different things but all of these prayers are directed to only one to GOD

Religion is a Place where people gather to pray to God which is good if you feel comfortable about it ,but remember Religion has nothing to do with God don’t believe in Religion believe in God, 

God is with you all the time talk to God as one of your best friend  by asking for you need by thanking for your life

People in  General are parts of God, our life depends on each other our life will not be completed without each other, the only thing is that some people lost the connection with God they felt down in Black hole on the inside Spirit and they don't seem to do the right things in life 

Religion will limit  your life on being happy on being who you are , Only you know your needs whats missing in you, what are your needs to be happy and to enjoy Life, everyone is in a different level, on how good of a person you are and only you know what is needed to improve and go to the higher level.

Religion is just a name please don't let to effect your life by limiting you 

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