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In our life we will always have to deal with something but if we are not careful we will go through pain and frustration, with just a little change inside of us we will enjoy life more and be happy every Day 


See Instruction for a happy continue Life 

Slow down

About Me

My Story Experience

Iam really happy to share my experience with you that changed my life forever, the way to the happiness is to work on yourself identify your weakness take note , and wait for the opportunity to resist your temptation by forcing yourself to continue to be happy , day by day is going to get easier and you will overcome your weakness and you will continue to be happy every Day without any interruption no matter what other people do or say it will not affect you anymore                   

Sky Full of Light
Green Landscape

My Goal


Lets make the world a happy and peaceful place to live once and for all, we can do it together everyone should work on their own weakness by resisting then step by step and we reduce pain created by us on each other every day, we are connected to each other over Spirit, unhappiness and hurt will affect us during life we live, Now is the moment for a Happy every Day Life 

Life now

Step by step to a happy life

Power in you
Find your weaknesses

Example: on a beautiful day you are at peace and feeling happy suddenly someone treated you badly or said something rude and it will effect inside of you making you

uncomfortable ,nervous, unhappy, stressed 

Put a scanner in you don't let bad words influence your happiness

Try to ignore bad words bad things that happened during the day, it can be a bad behaviour or someone that tried to tell you  something bad that will effect your happiness  

Think live simple take a break feel the Nature

Take your time to enjoy simple things in life go in the nature feel the trees , grass Mountains, fresh air the birds gives you peace and happiness

Please write down your weakness

Take a note of the weakness that you are going to work on and prepare yourself before the situations comes by  improving in those areas

(Start saying to yourself in your mind this situation is not going to affect my happiness, try to say it over and over and by the time this will happen, it will affect you always less and less until this is completely gone and it will not effect you in negative, it will not make  you upset anymore

Take Action on resisting on your weakness

How do I overcome a situation that makes me unhappy nervous stressed

Over and over , well this situations are called our weakness , we let someone else words or action to effect on us by taking our happiness and our peace away, so get ready again when this situation is about to come again try to ignore it at first, it is hard, but for second Time you can try it again and you will be able to ignore it a little easier and next time you will get better on it till you get stronger inside of yourself and you will be able to ignore it completely, that’s when you overcome a weakness and continue your happy Day without interruption

Free yourself by forgiving others

If you have situations that someone hurt you in the past and you are keeping it with you all the time, please forgive all the people that have done you wrong, this way you will release yourself from unhappiness and you will feel so light and free

Accept the situations

There are times when you have a discussion with someone which it really has no value, but the person does not seem to understand and insist that is like that  instead of having a conflict with them , just let it go don`t take it seriously it is not worth it 

Be fit train your body is very important for this life

Our Body is very important in this life without it will effect our happiness, feed yourself with healthy food  Drinks excersise

Free up your mind 

What are the bad memories that are staying in your mind or they come over and over , try to develop a positive habit in your mind by remembering something funny that happened in the past 

Law of Nature

No matter what you do in life everything will be paid back if is good or bad, everything is being seen even though there is no one with us, the spirit is with us everywhere , if someone tries to put you down dont worry get ready for promotions , no one can put you down you have your  own destiny 

Accept weakness of someone else

Dont criticise We are humans and Everyone is on a process of changing in positive ,by accepting peoples weakness  you will prevent yourself  from struggling inside of you

Don’t take things as negative is someone says something, they don’t mean it

If someone tells you something dont take it in a negative way ,most of the time it is not about you and he didn't mean it in the bad way or to hurt you 

Don’t judge people by appearance , get to know them

There are so many good positive people out there , dont judge by appearance get to know them , they can change your life in good you will be happy being around them see what you feel inside  

Feed your Spirit in Daily Basic as you feed your Body with meal

During the Day on the car watching tv or during exercise , choose the right program with good news with positive talk that can fill up your spirit with positive energy, this way it will ease your way on changing and being happy during the Day

Choose the right people to spend time with

Everyone is in a different level , some people will make you feel so down some will make you feel tired and some will make you feel happy you simply enjoy time spending with them go ahead spend more time with the right people :)

Is there something inside of you missing

Dont ignore your feelings , is there an emptyness in you that you wish that will come true, that will make your life completed , Take your time go ahead look for it and make it happen this will make you the happiness person on earth  

Go beyond your Limits 

Remove your limits from your mind ,there is alway something more then we think, as long as you live and you are healthy you can do anything , dont limit yourself we have the power to make things possible even if it looks impossible 

Dont live your life by pleasing others 

You are the most important person in this Life, you are not here to please everyone , you are not responsible for others happiness, you are responsable for your own happiness so concentrate on yourself and let everyone be responsible for their Life

Take more time to have an answer or solution

The good things come slowly , it can be a desire that you have for a solution and you want it to be don right a way but we are so inpatient and we get frustrated about it , the point is that most of the times it just not the right time or if that happent will harm you so let it happent on the right time

Benefit from bad situation if someone behaves wrong

If someone behaves badly towards you, use it  as positive giving you a chance to change and not effect your happiness in future , your happiness should not depend on words or actions of other people

Your words make a difference

During the day  put a guard on your mouth think before you say something, it will improve your day and you will not feel bad if you say the wrong words 

Be yourself

Your dont have to pretend or try to be someone that you are not , be true to your heart be yourself no matter where and with who you are, you will feel comfortable and you will establish your Goals with ease 

New Start
Your Journey

You are not a finish product, During life you adapt you learn you change you should start Shaping yourself the way you want it, there is a lot inside of you to manage explore personalize yourself with all the best habits 

Your Perfection

No matter how good we are with our knowledge and skills and we want to give our best but sometimes we do mistake unconsciously even though we didn’t mean it, don’t take it serious it is not about you it is not your fault dont feel guilty about it let it go and continue your happy life we are humans


When we were kids we were so happy and free happy with no worries but While growing up we developed these habits unconsciously called weakness being worried, insecure, sad  but the good news is that this is not it, we can work on our habits and start developing new habits and enjoy life as we were kids

Discover your powers

Unlock your Powers

by changing into positive you go to higher level your life will change and you will receive knowledge about life over your spirit from God

Difference between people

There is no bad people , the only difference is  that some people have more weakness and some have less, the people with more weakness will suffer and be unhappy during life and will cause pain to other people, that are not strong inside of them with their spirit,

Your weakness will decide what life you are going to have in future it is your choice

   You are a
Simple Life
Only you
Your Future
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